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It has been widely acknowledges for some years that a high number of children suffer from behavioural disorders due to reactions to food substances.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

ADHD occurs in approximately 2% of children and is more prevelant in boys.The main symptoms are:
– hyperactivity
– learning disabilities
– poor concentration
– frequent bouts of crying
– tantrums
– insomnia
– aggressive behaviour
– irritability.
In 1973 an American physician, Benjamin Feingold, reported that there was compelling evidence that there was a connection between hyperactivity in children and food colourings and additives.
There is a proven connection between many cases of ADHD and food dyes which are used more and more in food production. The main culprits are Red40, and Yellow5, and the commonest foods with colourings are breakfast cereals, ice cream, sweets, toothpaste, soft drinks, fruit juice, medications and gelatin.


Up to 10% of the population are thought to be intolerant to certain foods/additives;
– salicytates (in vegetables, especially tomatoes, radishes, mushrooms and cucumber; fruit, especially dried fruit, berries, plums, oranges and apricots; sweet foods, like honey, peppermint and liquorice),
– bananas, cheese which both have high amine contents,
– monosodium glutamate ( mushrooms, tomatoe products, cheese and yeast extracts),
– food colourings, added preservatives and flavours.
Food intolerance differs from an allergy in the sense that there is no immune reaction in the former.
The symptoms of food intolerance include:
– irritability
– fatigue
– lack of concentration
– learning difficulties
– aggressive behaviour
– restlessness
– mood swings


A large percentage of the patients we have treated over the years have been children with behavioural disorders. The Vegatest is a very accurate and effective way of both diagnosing and formulating therapy approaches for these patients: specific allergens can be located and the correct homeopathic remedies prescribed for each individual case.